The one thing we know about Content Management Systems is there are a lot of them. The most difficult part is choosing the right CMS for your business. Things that need to be considered are many, but we regard the most important issue as being “how hard is it to use”. At the end of the day, if your CMS is not simple enough for your staff to use, then it won’t be used, and you will have wasted the time, effort and expense of implementing one. The next most important is to ensure that the system is customisable to your business’s exact requirements. Off-the-shelf solutions might be cheap, but good luck getting the provider to make changes to them so they suit your business. On the surface, getting a non-customisable system might not seem so bad, but a business invests time and money getting systems and processes just right, so it makes far more sense to adapt the software to the business rather than compromising the business process to accommodate the software.